About Novogold

Novo Gold Ltd. is a privately held company located in Petach Tikva, Israel, focused on Medical and Plastic surgery and Aesthetics medicine. Mr. Igal Goldenberg, founder of Novogold Ltd., has more than 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, business development and sales in the Israeli aesthetic market.
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Medical Info

FDA Approved Implants

In March 2012 all Silimed round and anatomical implants were approved by the FDA. It is the first time that the FDA approves breast implants for a non American company.

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Israeli ministry of Health Approval

The Israeli Ministry of Health recognized Silimed’s qualities and implants’ resistance as well and gave Novogold, the official representative in Israel, an approval to market and distribute Silimed’s implants in Israel.

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Information for Physicians

Novogold is glad to work alongside its customers, provide them with professional information as well as hands on support on regular bases.

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Implants and Products


Facial Implants

Facial Implants This group of implants is indicated for facial aesthetic or reconstructive surgeries

Textured Mammary Implant

Mammary implant filled with high-performance silicone gel, with a low-bleed silicone elastomer envelope that presents…

Mammary Implant – Polyurethane Foam Coated Surface – Pitanguy/ Rebello

Made of a low-bleed, silicone-elastomer envelope filled with high-performance Biodesign silicone gel and coated with…

Mammary Implant – Anatomical Shape – Superior Pole

Following the international trend, this implant displays a closer approximation to the breast shape, and…

Mammary Implant – Smooth Surface

Thin low bleed silicone-elastomer shell, smooth-surface filled with silicone gel. Provided in the round base…


Clear Point Adjustable Bras Clear Point offers you several kinds of adjustable bras recommended after…

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