Self Fat Injection

Self Fat Injection


Cytori is committed to providing patients and physicians around the world with medical technologies, which harness the potential of adult stem and regenerative cells from adipose tissue. These technologies enable the research and practice of regenerative medicine in a way that, until now, has not been possible. With the introduction of a family of medical devices, we have made a patient’s own clinical grade stem and regenerative cells available to them at the point-of-care
Regenerative medicine is an emerging field that seeks to repair or restore lost or damaged tissue function due to the effects of injury, disease, and aging.

Since 2001, we have maintained an ongoing commitment to explore the potential of adult adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells, positioning us as a global leader in regenerative medicine. Given the vast number of medical applications for stem and regenerative cells, our product development pipeline spans cardiovascular disease, renal failure, pelvic health among other acute and chronic conditions.


The Puregraft System was developed to improve the predictability of outcomes for autologous fat grafting and aesthetic body contouring. With advanced filtering capabilities, the Puregraft System selectively washes the tissue and drains the tumescent fluid, free lipids, and debris in less than 15 minutes, streamlining the graft preparation process. The Puregraft System is easy to operate, allowing graft preparation within a closed system and can be performed on the sterile field without the need for any mechanical equipment. It also allows physicians to adjust the hydration level of the graft to suit their surgical technique.


The Celution 800/CRS System automates and standardizes the extraction and concentration of patients’ own Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRCs) in a clinical setting, enabling real-time access to autologous, medical-grade ADRCs at the point-of-care. The Celution System is CE Marked technology intended to facilitate the reimplantation or reinfusion of patients’ own ADRCs.

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Cytori Graft Delivery Instrument Set

The Graft Delivery Instrument Set contains a collection of autoclavable components carefully selected for the optimal delivery of autologous fat grafts. The set contains the Puregraft Easel and Slider, two Celbrush® 10 mL delivery devices, and transfer adapters to optimize Puregraft fat graft preparation and enable precise, micro-droplet re-injection. The set also comes with a customized tray, which can serve as a stand for the Puregraft Easel to reduce space in the sterile field and helps to keep the instruments organized during sterilization and storage.

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