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Girdles and corsets


SinEcch is a complete recovery regimen of Homeopathic Arnica Montana used to speed the healing of tissue damaged from a physical trauma such as an accident, dental treatment, injectable dermal filler and/or aesthetic surgery as tear drop, face lift, abdominal lift or any other bruising surgery. Regulated by the FDA as an over- the- counter medication for the treatment of trauma induced bruising and swelling, SinEcch is so safe it is available without a prescription. Clinical researches had shown that SinEcch patients have significantly less bruising and swelling than patients taking a placebo. Less bruising and swelling means a faster recovery.
SinEcch encapsulated, combined dosage regimen makes it easy to take the right potency at the right time, for maximum effectiveness and faster healing. Trust your recovery to SinEcch, the Arnica experts


Bras and Binders

Clear Point Medical

In 1999, the year we started the company, the four cornerstones were established upon which was built a solid reputation as a supplier of quality compression wear for plastic surgery professionals around the world: Function, Comfort, Pricing and Personalized Service.

Our professional design team strives to achieve the perfect balance between comfort, controlled pressure and functionality – the fusion of compression and comfort – by researching the latest developments in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery through ongoing consultations with doctors, nurses and patients.

Clear Point Adjustable Bras

Clear Point offers you several kinds of adjustable bras recommended after breast surgeries such as augmentation, mastopexy, mastectomy and reconstructive procedures
Perfect for support and comfort after breast procedures.

Compression garments are recommended wear following many types of plastic surgery procedures to be of aid during recovery time. Your surgeon will suggest that you purchase at least one post surgical bra (often referred to as compression garments) for immediate wear following breast augmentation to help stabilize the placement of both silicone and saline implants.

ClearPoint Medical compression wear will help reduce swelling and improve circulation following augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction or breast reconstruction procedures.

  • Slider hook shoulder strap adjustment
  • Seamless cups
  • Front hook & eye closure
  • Stretch fabric fits B-C-D & DD cup sizes
  • 40 mm wide midriff band
  • Recommended for augmentation, mastopexy, mastectomy and reconstructive procedures
  • Adjustable Molded Cup Support Bras
  • Five position adjustable shoulder straps
  • Latex-free


ClearPoint Medical provides high quality Compression Binders for post-operative abdominal & flank procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction, abdominoplasty.

Abdominal Binders

Dale Medical Products

Dale Medical Products, Inc. was organized in 1961 as Baka Manufacturing Company to manufacture and sell Dale brand products, a line of high quality, specialty patient care products.

From a modest beginning in the home of David Kaplan , inventor of the Dale Binder, in Sharon, Massachusetts, the company has expanded into an industry leader in the market niches we participate in.

The strength of the company stems from its ability to conceive, develop, and produce patented products, under the Dale brand name, that serve specialty markets in the health care field. Currently, the company’s major products include: Dale Foley Catheter Holders designed to secure urinary catheters without skin or meatal irritation, Dale Tracheostomy Holders to comfortably secure tracheostomy tubes, and Dale Abdominal Binders to help patients become active immediately after abdominal surgery or childbirth.

Dale is committed to manufacturing latex-free products designed to save nursing time and reduce skin irritation, while leading to comfortable, trouble-free recovery.

Through its history, Dale has remained near the top of medical distributor’s demands for total quality management and prompt delivery. Dale delivers all sales through distributors and supports distributors with personal sales activity, advertising, convention attendance, product sampling, clinical education, EDI capability, and bar coding.

Dale Medical Products funds the quarterly newsletter, Perspectives, which focuses on postoperative recovery strategies, and is distributed free of charge to healthcare professionals. Clinicians are able to earn free CEU credits through each newsletter.

Abdominal Binders

Dale­® Abdominal Binders with EasyGrip™ Strip are the only binders that have been clinically shown to expedite the return of pulmonary function after open abdominal surgery while encouraging patients to ambulate sooner. Dale Binders are available in sizes up to 94″ long and in widths up to 15″ to accommodate even your largest patient’s pendulous abdomen. The Dale Binder is made entirely of an exclusive stretch material that provides full, all-around compression and perfect sizing.

The Dale Abdominal Binder now features the EasyGrip Strip which can hold up to four 100cc drainage bulbs in place. This feature allows for easier monitoring of drainage bulb contents and drainage bulbs to be emptied or removed quickly without the hassle of removing pins or tape. It also allows for easier ambulation when drainage bulbs are in place. Unlike other binders, which can restrict movement, Dale Binders actually promote mobility and lessen the chance of sedentary complications.


Medgel is a silicone-base product specifically formulated to treat and prevent hypertrophic scars, keloids and those associated with erythema (redness) of the skin. Its only counter-indication is for open wounds, in infected regions and tissue that is not healthy.
Easy to use, Medgel is highly effective in the treatment of recent or old scars resulting from abdominal, heart, thyroid and Caesarian surgery, as well as surgery for burns, removal of tattoos, acne, cuts, animal bites, etc. Easy to apply and hygienic, it requires no type of bandage for compression

Medgel contains no components of animal origin or active principle, and can be used with other complementary treatments
Medgel is supplied non-sterile. Medgel is protected by plastic and wrapped in plastic packaging containing one, two, six, ten or twelve units
Medgel Coat is supplied in individual packaging – 15-gram tubes and external cardboard packaging. Available in different shapes, all of which can be trimmed to adapt to the size of your scar

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