Regenerative Tissue Repair

Regenerative Tissue Repair

TEI Biosciences

A leading privately held biomedical company, TEI Biosciences has applied its expertise in regenerative medicine to develop and commercialize novel biologic products for a broad spectrum of soft tissue repair and reinforcement applications-from dura, tendon, and hernia repair to wound management and plastic and reconstructive surgery.


Surgimen offers clear advantages over synthetic and other biologic products for soft tissue repair and reconstruction applications.
Intrinsically strong, yet soft and supple when rehydrated, the material handles like natural tissue.
TEI Biosciences manufactures Surgimend using a patented process design to remove cellular components and potentially infectious agents from the raw material, while preserving the biological properties and structure of the native collagen. Rather than inducing an inflammatory response upon implantation, it acts as a scaffold that is rapidly revascularized and progressively integrated, remodeled, and eventually replaced by functional host tissue. In clinical use since 2004, Surgimend has become the preferred biologic device by numerous plastic and reconstructive, general, and trauma surgeons.
Available in several sizes with an approximate thickness of 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 cm.

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