SILIMED Silicone Implants

SILIMED implants


Facial Implants

This group of implants is indicated for facial aesthetic or reconstructive surgeries. Made from silicone elastomer, medical grade. They possess a series of different characteristics, such as shape, hardness, color and surface which are the result of years of research with the medical profession, in order to properly meet the clinical or aesthetic requirements of each case. Supplied sterile

Chin Implant

Meant to correct micrognathia, this comes round-shaped with perforations for securing the conjunctive tissue

Chin Implant – Anatomical Shape

Intended to correct micrognathia, with total lateral expansion of the chin. Comes with a tongue reinforced on the internal face for fixation suture.

Malar Implant

This is meant to correct facial malformation or for aesthetic improvement of this region. The internal face is concave and there is a perforation for fixing the conjunctive tissue.

Malar Implant – Anatomical Shape

Meant to correct facial malformation or for aesthetic improvement. It has a lateral extension and perforations that allow it to be fixed to the conjunctive tissue.

Nasal Implant

Designed for aesthetic or reconstructive alterations to Oriental and Negroid noses, this comes in two different consistencies of silicone, more rigid in the dorsum and totally radiopaque and trimmable as needed.

Implant for Nasal Dorsum

Designed to increase the nasal dorsum slightly, this comes in the form of a round-tipped tongue and concave internal face.

Body Conturing

Gluteal implants

Joining its experience of 35 years in the manufacturing of implants, with a partnership with renowned plastic surgeons, Silimed has developed an exclusive model, the Gluteal Quartzo. This line represents the best in gluteal implants and provides a very natural aesthetic result.
It is presented with an oval base and has two projections. The part of the implant with the largest projection corresponds to the middle part of the gluteal region. Thus, the projection will be greater or smaller, according to the choice of the implantws projection.
In addition to the Gluteal – quartzo, Silimed offers a varied line of gluteal implants, filled with cohesive high performance silicone gel, with an ideal consistency for the anatomical region. The surfaces range from shiny to opaque smooth, created through advanced technologies.

Calf Implants

Silimed manufactures two models of calf implants filled with high performance silicone gel, with an idel consistency for the intended anatomical area.
They are indicated to correct inequalities or irregularities of the legs. They present Asymmetric or Symmetric base and vary in volume and dimension.

Pectoral Implant

Indicated for reparatory surgery for patients with deficiencies in the pectoral region. Due to the good results obtained, it has been increasingly used in aesthetic surgeries.
It is available with a smooth or textured surface, in various volumes and dimensions, according to the needs of each patient.

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