SILIMED Breast Silicon Implants

SILIMED Silicon Implants


The Company

Silimed is the first and only company that manufactures silicone implants in Latin America, the third largest company in the world and the only non-American company authorized to commercialize its prostheses in the United States, tries through its products to offer solutions for doctors and a healthier and happier life for their patients The standard of quality of Silimed prostheses is recognized internationally.

Our line of products for aesthetic and reparatory purposes is the most wide-ranging and diversified in the market and the only one that shows the serial number on each product manufactured, thus assuring 100% security in product traceability since its manufacturing.

Silimed has operated in the market since 1978 serving the plastic surgery community with the manufacturing & distribution of products of the highest quality to satisfy a broad range of needs. In order to achieve this we have developed the best possible partnerships in technology development, raw material suppliers, regulatory bodies, universities and surgeon.

As a result of this work we are renowned worldwide and operate in over 75 countries, in 5 continents. We comply with all formal requirements of each Ministry of Health in the countries where Silimed has partners.

As constant improvement moves us forward we are always looking at growing market demands and investing heavily in the development of state-of-the-art products to meet patients and surgeon’s needs.

The manufacturing plant complies with:

  • FDA GMP – Food & Drug Administration – Good Manufacturing Practices
  • ANVISA – Good Manufacturing Practices, Brazil
  • ISO 9001 – 2008 – International Standard
  • CE Mark – European Manufacturing
  • ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods)
  • WAND (New Zealand Web Assisted Notification of Devices)

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